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Car Brake & Clutch Repairs Kirrawee Sutherland Shire At Zax All Kars 

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Clutch Kits

Designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment, reliable is the term which best describes the CI standard replacement kits.

Each component has been thoroughly tested and developed by CI for specific field applications within the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

This range provides a Quality Assured replacement part that will meet or exceed the requirements of an original vehicle. And after 50 years of experience in developing and supplying clutch kits to the automotive aftermarket and OEM customer base, we are well placed to provide Clutch Kits best suited to your region.

In fact, in many cases, we were the Manufacturer of the Original Equipment part.

Each and every kit is further supported by our No Fault Warranty Policy - we believe the best Warranty ever offered by a Clutch Company - providing further peace of mind.

If however, you have a higher expectation CI also offers an extensive range of performance upgrade kits. To read more about these options navigate to the relevant pages of this website.

Ci Clutch Offer Long life, endurance, the best economy - our commercial clutch products are selected to deliver the owner the lowest cost per kilometre over the life of the vehicle. This is achieved while also offering driver comfort.

Ci Clutch's 

The Track Series range has been developed by feeding back the elemental technology, accumulated through racing support, and applying that knowledge to road cars. Single, Twin, Triple and Quad Plate Clutch systems are available with each Clutch System selected by Clutch Industries for their high torque capacity, combined with flexibility and reliability for Street Cars, Circuit, Drift or Drag Racing Applications. Wins accredited to this product include four-time Champion of the All Japan GT Championship (’98, ‘99, ’01 and ’02).

Free Clutch Checks

In case you are in any doubt that your clutch is actually faulty, we will complete a free clutch check while you wait.  Through our expert diagnosis, we will be able to tell if your clutch is faulty before we start any work on your vehicle.  If you think that you are having problems with your clutch just bring your vehicle along to Zax All Kars in Kirrawee Sutherland Shire and one of our skilled technicians will check out the problem with no obligation.  Contact  Zax To Enquire

Our opening hours which are 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday.

How The Clutch Works

The clutch connects and disconnects the engine from the gearbox (transmission) allowing smooth gearchange and control of the engine power.

A clutch plate (driven plate) is coated on both sides with a hard wearing high friction material. This is situated between the engine flywheel and a spring-loaded pressure plate. The spring/pressure can be released by depressing the clutch pedal.

While driving, the whole clutch assembly can be turning at very high speeds. To allow a non-rotating clutch pedal to control the rotating clutch assembly a clutch release bearing uses a fork acting on a thrust face

Clutch - Controlling Engine Torque

The clutch has to transmit the engine power to the wheels allowing the vehicle to move. The torque of the engine is transferred by the clutch system relying entirely on the contact friction between 2 faces. A slipping clutch occurs when the friction is too low (often due to clutch wear) or engine torque is too high (during rapid acceleration)

Controlling Power Transmission via The Clutch - Clutch Slip

The torque capacity (how much power can be transmitted without slipping) depends upon:

  • The Coefficient of Friction of the engaging Clutch Faces
  • The diameter of the Clutch Plate
  • The Pressure or Spring Loading

In order to use greater engine torque in high-performance vehicles, a multi-face clutch may be used compared to the single plate clutch system adopted on most cars.

How a Car Clutch Works with Normal Manual Driving

A car clutch is engaged/disengaged using the leftmost "clutch" pedal.
The clutch pedal is depressed to disengage the engine from the gearbox and drive train while changing gears. Once the gear is selected, the clutch pedal is released and the engine is once-again linked via the drive train
The clutch operation can be actuated by:

A Mechanical Linkage:

The clutch pedal is connected directly to the clutch assembly via a mechanical linkage such as cable or chain.

A Hydraulic Clutch:

Depressing the clutch pedal increases pressure in a hydraulic piston coupled to the clutch pedal. The increased pressure is transferred to a secondary piston that operates a lever to engage-disengage the clutch plates.

An electronic clutch - Clutch by Wire:

Sensors detect the position of the clutch pedal electronically and interpret the position using an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that computes the best way to operate the clutch based upon information relayed from other sensors indicating driving speed, engine speed and so on. The ECU relays information to a servo unit to actuate clutch operation.

Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch Assembly

Dual-Mass Flywheels are fitted in many light commercial vehicles covering very high mileages requiring regular clutch replacement.

  • Dual mass flywheels
  • Concentric slave cylinders
  • self-adjusting cover assembly


New clutches fitted to most makes of cars using the recommended clutch kits

Clutch Master Cylinder

Pumping the clutch pedal to disengage the clutch is a classic symptom of loss of hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic clutch system and may be indicative of a leak or ruptured seal in the clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder.

Clutch Slave Cylinder

The clutch fittings that link the clutch slave cylinder to the master cylinder can leak but it's also worth checking the piston seals on the clutch slave cylinder

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